Guralp Systems Limited
MAN-C24-0004 - CMG-CD24-R8 User's Guide

Chapter 1. Introduction

The CMG-CD24R8 is a rack-mounted, eight-channel, general purpose digitiser, featuring:

Once it is provided with 12 – 15 V power, the CD24 will begin operating automatically, digitizing its input signals and either outputting them to your own recording system, or saving them into internal Flash memory. Accurate timing information can be taken from a GPS receiver and multiple CMG-CD24R8s can be synchronised to a single receiver.

The CMG-CD24R8 can be configured using either a CMG-EAM or Scream, GSL's free monitoring and configuration software. If neither are available, the on-board command line interpreter allows complete control and configuration of the digitiser via a serial or telnet link.