Guralp Systems Limited
MAN-D24-0004 - Güralp DM24 MkⅢ Operator's Guide

Chapter 2. Introduction

The Güralp DM24 multi-channel digitiser is a state-of-the-art digital module for seismic data. It can be supplied in several different formats:

A stand-alone DM24 can be installed with existing or new analogue sensors.

Conversely, a modular digitiser is fixed to, and becomes a physical part of, a Güralp seismometer. These can be supplied with new instruments, or retrofitted to Güralp 1T, 3T, 3ESP or 40T seismometers at the factory. A Güralp 5TD is also available, as shown on the right. A modular digitiser benefits from the sensor's isolated, clean and stable environment and allows it to operate at optimum noise levels and precision.

DM24s are also supplied with integrated EAMs (Embedded Acquisition Units) in plastic-cased and metal-cased (aluminium or stainless steel) variants.

For these units, the main interface to the DM24 is via the EAM's web and command line. The manual MAN‑EAM‑0003, available from the Güralp web site, is more appropriate for these units than is this document.

The DM24 can also be supplied in borehole sonde form, with optional strain relief accessories. These units operate identically to surface DM24s, although the connector for the borehole unit is necessarily more compact.


Regardless of your configuration, all three device types - sensor, digitiser, and data module - can be customized to meet your installation requirements.

2.1 Features

The DM24 can be connected to two Güralp triaxial analogue sensors, or up to six conventional single-axis seismometers, through its SENSOR A and SENSOR B connectors. (Single-sensor and integrated DM24 units have only SENSOR A connectors). Signals from these sensors are digitized to 24-bit precision, initially at 2 kHz. Data are output through the DATA OUT serial port of the digitiser in the flexible GCF format, either to a PC or a Güralp data module, such as a Güralp EAM.