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Section Index: 2.1 Unpacking and handling

Chapter 2. Introduction

The CMG-EDU is an ultra-compact single-axis broadband seismometer designed specifically for educational uses. It is available in either vertical or horizontal form.


The CMG-EDU is ready to record ground movements as soon as you provide it with power. It does not have to be unlocked or centred as long as its base is within 3 ° of horizontal. For the best results, however, you should install where possible on a hard, near-horizontal surface, preferably underground. See section 3.1.1 for recommendations. Also supplied is a Güralp Systems CD24E1 compact single-component digitizer, and a GPS unit.

Each package is delivered with a detailed calibration sheet showing its serial number, measured frequency response in both the long period and the short period sections of the seismic spectrum, sensor DC calibration levels, and the transfer function in poles/zeros notation.

2.1 Unpacking and handling

The CMG-EDU instrument is delivered in a single case, with specially designed packaging. You should reuse this case whenever you need to transport the sensor. Please note any damage to the packaging when you receive the equipment, and unpack on a safe, clean surface. The package should contain:

You will need to provide your own 12–24 V DC power supply, and a Windows or Linux PC for recording the data.

2.1.1  Handling notes

Although the CMG-EDU is relatively rugged, it can be damaged if mishandled.

If any component is missing or appears damaged, contact Güralp Systems immediately (see chapter 3.1.1).