Guralp Systems Limited
Radian - Technical Manual

Chapter 3. A note on the documentation

The Radian is delivered with a Surface Interface Unit (SIU) that acquires data from and allows control/configuration of the Radian. The Güralp Minimus or Minimus+ acts as the SIU for the Radian Post-hole and Bore-hole (in the case of shallow, single-instrument installations).

This document, MAN-RAD-0001, begins in Section 4 by describing the main components of the Radian system. Further details on the SIU and its accessory pack are given in MAN-MIN-0001. Section 5 partially duplicates the “Getting Started” section of the Minimus and Minimus+ manual, by describing a typical system set-up and providing details of viewing waveforms from the Radian.

Many operations and configuration options described in this document, MAN-RAD-0001, are carried out within Güralp Discovery software, which is described fully in MAN-MIN-0001. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the user fully familiarises themselves with MAN-MIN-0001 prior to reading this document. It is also strongly recommended that this document is read in conjunction with the Minimus and Minimus+ manual.