Güralp extends Minimus capabilities and introduces eight channel version

Guralp Minimus+ eight channel digitiser

Image 1: Minimus+ eight channel digitiser

Minimus seismic digitiser: Increased functionality and a new eight channel version

Following the success of the Minimus launch in 2016, Güralp, the leading global provider of force-feedback seismic monitoring instrumentation, has extended its capabilities with a host of additional features and is launching an eight channel version for multi-instrument stations at the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting.

Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) and Structural Health monitoring capabilities

The Minimus met an enthusiastic response following its launch in 2016 and since then, significant energy has been invested in further developing the digitisers’ capabilities. New out of the box features include the incorporation of industry standard triggering algorithms for EEW (STA/LTA), multi-instrument voting to mitigate false positive alerts and the Minimus is now Common Alert Protocol (CAP) for automated emergency warning. These new features make the Minimus particularly attractive for EEW and structural health monitoring applications.

New Minimus+ with eight primary digitisation channels

For increased convenience for multi-instrument stations, Güralp are also releasing a larger capacity version, the Minimus+, which offers eight primary digitisation channels. The Minimus+ can accommodate two triaxial instruments (seismometers and/or accelerometers) plus a Radian posthole or borehole and two auxiliary inputs, e.g. for infrasound and/or meteorological feeds. The Minimus+ offers all the features associated with the four channel digitiser including:

  • Advanced software communications for quick and easy instrument and data management
  • Ultra-low-latency mode for EEW - when used with GDI protocol, transmission can be achieved in 40 ms
  • GüVü Bluetooth Android App for installation integrity checking (available for both Android and iOS devices)
  • Hot-swappable data storage and dual-redundant microSD cards
  • Select from GNSS (GPS, GLONASS or BeiDou) or PTP (Precision Time Protocol) timing sources

Philip Hill, Engineering Director at Güralp discusses the developements:

"A consequence of new mobile computing technology has enabled us to miniaturise the digitiser to make the world's most portable, high performance solution. When we launched the Minimus in 2016, it reflected a step change in terms of digitiser design and user experience and, with these latest developments and the launch of the eight channel Minimus+, we have been able to release even more of that potential.”

Guralp Minimus/Minimus+ Brochure

Image 2: See the Minimus+ Page for more Information


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