Detailed below are the PC and mobile device software applications we have developed for controlling and configuring our instruments and digitisers.

In addition to our software applications we also provide a range of software utilities to help with protocol conversion and common data management tasks.  For details of these utilities, please see the Firmware and Software page in the Customer Support area.

Güralp Discovery

Simple seismic network management and instrument quality assurance

Discovery is our software platform compatible with the Minimus and Minimus+ digitisers, the Radian Posthole and Borehole surface interface units, the Aquarius OBS, the new Certimus and the Fortimus accelerometer.

Discovery dramatically simplifies instrument and data management with a suite of powerful tools operated via a web interface.
  • Instruments IP addresses can be identified via a head-office or Cloud registry, eliminating the need for static IP addresses
  • Fully interactive waveform viewer
  • Data analysis for hardware State-of-Health (SoH)
  • Data streaming control
  • Integrated Common Alert Protocol (CAP) transmitter - display a map of triggered events
  • Quick access to locally recorded data saved to the devices SD card with capability to backfill any gaps in GDI streamed data
  • Perform advanced analysis on waveform data, including plotting power spectral density graphs (PSDs), spectrograms, discrete Fourier transforms (DFTs), and histogram displays
  • GNSS location
  • Instrument response and calibration values
  • Access to instrument RESP files
  • Facility to remotely upgrade the digitisers’ firmware and upload configuration to multiple units simultaneously
  • Calibration of the Radian magnetometer
  • Available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems

Güralp Scream!

Scream! is a Windows and Linux application for Seismometer Configuration, REal‑time Acquisition and Monitoring.

With Scream!, you can monitor, configure and record data from an entire seismic network, including both local and remote sites.

  • Windows (9x/NT/2000/XP,Vista,7,8 and 10) and Linux (.rpm or .tgz) versions
  • Receive data over serial or dialup links, TCP/IP, UDP/IP or other file transfer protocols, or any combination of these
  • Low-overhead GCF format for data transfer
  • Real-time conversion to miniSEED, GSE 2.0, SAC, P-SEGy, SUDS, PEPP or UFF format
  • Display any number of incoming streams with real-time spectrogram calculation
  • User-friendly interface to Güralp instruments including full mass control, calibration, digitizer output configuration and triggering
  • Extension modules for calibration, noise calculations and data analysis
  • Diagnostic tools including data integrity checks, at-a-glance GPS and mass position status, and direct access to the digitizer console
  • Advanced networking facilities


Scream includes extensive support for TCP/IP and UDP/IP networks. It is designed to be effectively network-transparent, so users can contact and configure digitisers at remote sites as easily as those directly connected to the computer.

A network summary window monitors the status of data streams, mass positions, and GPS timing for every instrument. Scream! can also send e-mails automatically to alert station operators when problems occur.

The Scream! network protocol is supported by Earthworm’s scream2ew extension module, which is part of the standard distribution.

Use the link below to request a copy of Scream!. Please state your name, organisational affiliation (if any) and equipment owned: your request will be reviewed and you should receive a reply containing a download link within a business day or two.

Güralp GCF Viewer for Android

The Güralp GCF viewer for Android is an App which allows viewing of both live GCF data streams and saved GCF files on Android devices.

Live data streams can be received over WiFi or mobile data networks while saved data files can be received via MMS or email and viewed with a single click.

GCF Viewer allows you to save a list of Scream! servers and to view live data from one or from many, simultaneously. Subsets of available streams can be selected, sorted, zoomed and viewed with optional real-time Power Spectral Density (PSD) plots or spectrograms. Automatic display scaling allows pixel-perfect display on devices from smart-phones to tablets. Status streams can also be viewed for state-of-health monitoring.

GCF Viewer is available from the Play Store (requires Android version 4.0 3.0 or above) or, on request, from support.

Güralp GüVü

For efficient field deployments, GüVü allows you to check the integrity of your installation instantaneously. GüVü displays waveforms, orientation, temperature and humidity data without instrument disturbance.

GüVü is compatible with the Minimus/Minimus+ digitisers, the Radian seismometers and the Fortimus accelerometer. You can download GüVü from the Play store (Android) or from the Apple App store (iOS).

If you have any questions about using the Güralp Vü app, please contact support.

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