Fortis and Fortimus



  • Earthquake Early Warning systems
  • Structural health monitoring (e.g. civil infrastructure, industry, property assets)
  • Networked arrays
High-performance, low-noise and compact broadband accelerometers with flexible gain options

The Fortis and Fortimus are strong motion accelerometers, making them ideal for local earthquake early warning and structural health monitoring applications. They all feature flexible gain options so they can perform optimally in a wide range of earthquake monitoring scenarios.

Fortis - analogue instrument
Fortis PH - posthole instrument for prolonged deployment in wet environments
Fortimus - digital accelerometer with Minimus digitiser capabilities in a single compact unit
A strong motion accelerometer with compact design for fast installation in any environment

  • User selectable gain options: ±4 g, ±2 g, ±1 g or ±0.5 g, manually on the sensor or remotely when operating with the Minimus digitiser
  • Hard anodised aluminium enclosure
  • Can be installed easily and rapidly with an M8×75 fixing bolt
  • IP68 - protection against effects of prolonged immersion at 3 m depth for 72 hours
  • Very low-noise components for high precision and enhanced dynamic range
  • Isolated power supply for 10 - 36 V operation
  • Acceleration offsets adjustable for <1 mV precision
A Fortis triaxial sensor in a posthole, stainless steel casing with 100 bar / 10 MPa waterproof connector

    • DC - 100 Hz
    • Remote user-selectable gain options: ±4 g, ±2 g, ±1 g or ±0.5 g when operating with the Minimus digitiser
    • Stainless steel enclosure
    • 100 bar / 10 MPa waterproof connector on top (height 32 mm)
    • IP68 - protection against effects of permanent immersion under pressure to 350 m depth
    • Optional lifting bail assembly (height 259 mm)
The digital Fortimus accelerometer delivers sensor performance and the capabilities of the Minimus digitiser in one compact unit. Featuring a touchscreen LCD, Wi-Fi connectivity, Power over Ethernet and Precision Time Protocol, the Fortimus is the ultimate plug-and-play accelerometer

    • DC - 315 Hz
    • Variable gain options: ±4 g, ±2 g, ±1 g or ±0.5 g
    • Touch-sensitive LCD screen
    • Integrated 24-bit Minimus digitiser
    • Ultra-low-latency mode for Earthquake Early Warning
    • STA/LTA, group voting and triggering
    • Dual internal 16 GB microSD card storage (one fixed, one hot-swappable)
    • Common Alert Protocol (CAP) enabled for automated emergency warning
    • Ethernet communication with Power over Ethernet (PoE) for remote control using Güralp Discovery software or standard web browser
    • GüVü Bluetooth app (Android) for installation integrity checking
    • Select from GNSS (GPS, GLONASS or BeiDou) or PTP (Precision Time Protocol) timing sources
    • Wi-Fi
    • Windows, Linux and macOS compatible
    • Data recording in MiniSEED with metadata stored in dataless SEED format
    • Data streaming protocols: GCF (Scream!) GDI-link* and SEEDlink* (*metadata sent in RESP / dataless SEED file formats)
    • Hard anodised aluminium enclosure
    • IP68 - protection against effects of prolonged immersion at 3 m depth for 72 hours
Accessories for Fortis:

Rapid Deployment Kit

The Rapid Deployment Kit is designed to transport and power Güralp’s smart seismic instrumentation to form an instant broadband station in the field. The kit is fitted with a re-chargeable 400 Wh lithium battery module, two 20 W solar panels, a GNSS receiver, a modem and a modem aerial.

Fortis PH:

Lifting bail assembly

Accessories for Fortimus:
64 GB industrial SD card

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