Aquarius BBOBS prepared for test deployment, August, 2021
Aquarius BBOBS prepared for test deployment, August, 2021


Güralp ships thirty Aquarius broadband ocean bottom seismometers to National Facility for Seismic Imaging (NFSI), Canada

This shipment represents the first ‘large volume’ batch of the contract totalling 120 OBS systems.

Güralp Systems Ltd., a global leader in the manufacture of broadband seismic instrumentation, has shipped the third and largest batch of thirty Aquarius broadband ocean bottom seismometers (BBOBS) to the National Facility for Seismic Imaging (NFSI) in Halifax, Canada.

This shipment follows two early stage consignments totalling twelve Aquarius BBOBS systems which were delivered to the NFSI in September and October 2021 and deployed in November 2021. The latest lot forms a substantial portion of a contract that totals 120 free-fall, Aquarius BBOBS systems and associated topside equipment.

The technically advanced Aquarius BBOBS features data transfer capability using acoustic telemetry through the water column and is suitable for deployments of up to 6000 m (19,685 ft). With a diameter of just one metre, the robust Aquarius is also the smallest BBOBS system available on the market.

The consignment left the UK port of Southampton 24th May and is expected to arrive in Halifax this week. The first deployment for these instruments, later in 2022, will be offshore Haida Gwaii, British Columbia to gather passive seismic data as part of a wider project to investigate the Queen Charlotte fault.

Mladen Nedimovic, Project Director, NFSI stated:
"We are excited to soon receive our largest batch so far of Aquarius BBOBS from Güralp and are looking forward to both our continuing partnership with Güralp and deploying these instruments within several months offshore Canada’s west coast."

In addition to supplying the hardware, Güralp has also provided certified online training to the NFSI staff and their selected partners in: dockside configuration and setup; field operations; technical servicing of the BBOBS systems.

The remaining BBOB systems are timetabled for shipment, in three further batches, during the remainder of 2022.
Thirty Aquarius BBOBS prepared for shipping at Güralp facilities
Thirty Aquarius BBOBS prepared for shipping at Güralp facilities





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