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MAN-MIN-0001 - Güralp Minimus - Technical Manual
Section Index: 2.1 Key features 2.2 Typical applications

Chapter 2. System Overview

Thank-you for purchasing a Güralp Minimus or Minimus+ digitiser.

This section describes the key components of a Minimus system or Minimus+. The Minimus or Minimus+ unit is the main, standard product in the system; other components and accessories are optional and can be purchased separately. Please check your order confirmation to see which components were purchased with your system.

The Minimus has four fully-featured analogue input channels. The Minimus+ is physically wider, with an additional analogue sensor input connector, and provides eight fully-featured analogue input channels. Otherwise, the two units are very similar.

Note: In this document, the symbol is used to identify information that relates only to the Minimus+ and not to the Minimus. All other information relates to both units, unless obviously contradicted by a clause containing .

2.1 Key features

2.2 Typical applications