Permanent Reservoir Monitoring

In recent years there has been increased interest in obtaining 4D seismic data in order to understand how reservoirs change over time with the potential to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.

Güralp Broadband seismometers can be used for a range of solutions for life of field monitoring both onshore and offshore. Working with you and your preferred partners we can provide equipment, services and turn-key solutions for temporary and permanent reservoir monitoring. 

Suitable for both active or passive sources, our broadband instruments can deliver insight into overburden integrity and wellbore stability as part of a reservoir integrity management plan to maximise production from ageing fields.

Our cabled and nodal systems have been deployed in numerous countries in Europe, North America, South America, Australasia and Asia for national and international oil companies. We have deployed a wide range of solutions optimised for each application including surface, borehole and ocean bottom instrumentation, remote nodes and real-time cabled or wireless networks.

Optimise and Protect

As well as reservoir monitoring, our instrumentation can serve a dual role in subsea hazard mitigation by detecting shallow gas pockets, induced seismicity and seafloor stability. EEW capabilities with ultra-low latency features can also be used for automated shut-down procedures in areas of seismic risk.

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