Structural health monitoring

In the event of an earthquake, a seismic structural monitoring system allows for rapid assessment of the structural integrity - so you can make quick decisions on usage or occupancy.

Güralp instrumentation is used for monitoring civil structures such as bridges, railways and tunnels; energy infrastructure such as gas pipelines, hydroelectric dams and nuclear power stations; and buildings such as historic monuments, commercial facilities and multi-occupancy buildings.

Seismic data produced through the system informs structural health management processes to maximise the value and efficiency of the building maintenance programme. As well as monitoring for signs of structural deterioration or unusual levels of vibration, the instrumentation can also be used to alert authorities and trigger automated safety procedures in the event of an earthquake.

In addition to providing advice on system design, we can work with your engineering consultants to deliver a network that both meets your needs and satisfies local legislation.

We can also provide baseline monitoring surveys for new engineering projects to inform the design process.


Our instrumentation is suitable for monitoring both the bridge structure and the surrounding ground. We can also provide site surveys to characterise seismicity in the region of existing and planned bridges.


We provide solutions for monitoring commercial facilities and multi-occupancy buildings. Working with engineering consultants we can provide complete systems to comply with local building codes and safety legislation. Our systems can also be configured to trigger automated procedures or alerts in the event of an earthquake. In addition, we can provide regional survey solutions for planned developments or to meet insurance requirements.

Hydroelectric Dams

Güralp instruments are widely used for monitoring dams and their surrounding areas. Our systems are used for monitoring the structural integrity and health of the dam itself particularly in seismically active areas. We also monitor reservoir triggered seismicity (RTS) that can occur during and after filling of the reservoir and may be present throughout the operating life of the dam.  Our solutions are also used for geotechnical applications including monitoring slope stability of the surrounding area. Our instrument capabilities include real-time data streaming to a central control centre for rapid response or automated procedures in the event of an earthquake. We have extensive experience in this area and have equipped dam monitoring systems that have been in operation for more than twenty years.

Nuclear Power Stations

Güralp provides monitoring solutions for nuclear power generation plants. Our systems are used for seismic hazard management through monitoring local and regional earthquakes. Our systems are also used for monitoring the structural integrity of critical infrastructure within the plant. Depending on the application, we have supplied surface, borehole and ocean bottom systems for nuclear power generation applications. Our scope of supply ranges from providing instruments through to providing turnkey, fully installed and commissioned cabled networks together with ongoing operational support.

Wind Turbines

Our monitoring systems are used for measuring seismicity and ground vibrations induced by turbine operation. We can also provide structural health monitoring systems to characterise the seismic excitation from the ground and the structural response of the turbines.

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