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Release notes for Platinum DCMs

Platinum is Güralp Systems’ next-generation firmware for EAMs, NAMs and DCMs.


Finding the currently installed version

On versions released during or after 2012, open the System status page (the front page of the web interface) and click the Linux system tab.

On earlier versions, or on the command line, run the command:

cat /etc/build.version

Upgrade instructions

Important notices

Please run the upgrade procedure twice.

You may see several errors about Directory not empty and references to broken files. These are normal and the second upgrade run is careful to leave the system in a consistent state. If you get the error message /usr/bin/upgrade: Command not found then run hash -r before running upgrade again.

Change log

2014-09-26 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+498
This release provides the following change:
  • The CD1.1 multiplexor/frame database, data-mux-cd11, release 2.0.1
    • Fix an internal consistency check that was misfiring, occasionally causing frames of a certain specific size to be dropped with a message in the log "Source client sent unreasonable frame size (x). Disconnecting it." (with an unreasonable value for x).
2014-09-26 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+497
This release provides the following changes:
  • The GNU "Bourne-Again" Shell, bash, release 3.2
    • Patches for CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 ("shellshock"). Please note that our system() shell is actually busybox and not bash.
  • General:
    • Leap-second table filename made consistent.
  • Code to implement IIR filters, libiir, release 1.1.1
    • Updated to upstream version.
    • Improve ability to query filter coefficients.
    • Add C++ wrapper library.
    • Fix problem with initialisation of integrating filters (those which are not stable at DC).
2014-08-14 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+493

This release provides the changes listed below. Note that there were some programs which were recompiled to keep the same version as the other platforms but which weren't actually changed in any way on the DCM-mk2x.

Major changes:

  • gdi-link now disables terminal access by default, to prevent unauthorised DM24 configuration or firmware changes. Sensor controls can be enabled or disabled separately and are enabled by default, hopefully limiting the number of affected deployments.

Detailed changes:

  • Code to link two (possibly remote) GDI multiplexors, with backfill, gdi-link, release 1.2.0
    • remote DM24 FORTH terminal access is now disabled by default. It can be re-enabled on the system that is running the transmitter, gdi-link-tx.
  • Common miniseed output code, libminiseed-out, release 1.2.0
    • Fixes for time-window retrieval mode. A cleaner, faster implementation of this function should resolve issues with client timeouts when requesting data by time window.
  • The miniseed record generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2miniseed, release 1.2.4
    • Updated to work with libminiseed-out release 1.2.0
  • The SEEDlink server, seedlink-out, release 1.2.0
    • Fix some minor issues (such as status messages, or the results of a request that matches no records) relating to FIFO and time window requests.
    • Improve the implementation of time window retrieval to start returning records much more quickly than before, thus avoiding client timeouts.
  • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.27
    • Automatically recreate serial port configuration subdirectories if they have been manually deleted by the user.
    • Fix multi-user permissions issues with serial ports.
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.37
    • TCP to serial converter: fix saving of the IP address filter.
    • GCF over serial port receiver: fix disabling of BRP.
    • gdi-link: add some help, don't double-hide the advanced section, and add support to the transmitter for whether sensor control and/or DM24 FORTH terminal access are enabled (the options are independent).
  • Simple network configuration scripts, console-config, release 1.2.0
    • Add some new, simpler command-line tools for manipulating configuration files. These will mainly be used by internal programs, but can also be useful for scripting automatic changes and for support queries.
  • Code to record raw data from attached device on serial port, serial-recorder, release 1.1.0
    • Always close down and start a new file on an hour boundary; Don't rely on this process being triggered by more data arriving. This is better for systems configured to capture occasional output.
  • A CGI program allowing control of various Platinum functions through XMLRPC, xmlrpc-control, release 1.0.3
    • Fix command for flushing to disk.
  • The TCP to serial converter daemon, tcpserial, release 1.0.3
    • Fix IP address filtering configuration.

2014-08-04 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+470
This release provides the following change:
  • The CD1.1 sender, data-out-cd11, release 3.0.1
    • Fix order of "action,channel" when loading channel filter configuration.
2014-06-23 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+469
This release provides the following changes:
  • A framework for simple status reporting, quickstatus, release 1.0.3
    • Move cleanup of quickstatus data on process exit into the library.
  • Configuration and status monitoring for NTP, ntp-wrapper, release 3.0.2
    • Properly drop root after performing a privileged operation.
  • The configuration interface, config-base, release 2.0.13
    • Improve CGI error reporting.
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.36
    • Don't reject a dash in gdi-link-rx peer names.
  • Serial port diagnostics utility, rs232-detect, release 1.0.1
    • Test for 7200 baud, as this is a known side effect of a bug elsewhere.
  • Common utility code, libgslutil, release 1.2.4
    • Add a utility function.
2014-06-17 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+461
This release provides the following changes:
  • Common functionality for CD1.1 modules, libdata-cd11, release 2.0.0
    • New frame splitting/building code to allow a common implementation of consistency tests across all modules.
    • Removed mux IPC code as it is no longer common between different modules.
    • Generally improve error checking and handling, and provide more common, consistent utility functions for parsing data.
  • The CD1.1 sender, data-out-cd11, release 3.0.0
    • A new IPC mechanism has been implemented to allow for more robust data servoing. Now when there are multiple senders to different destinations they cannot interfere with each other or with receivers, and yet they are able to cope with vastly different link speeds and fault conditions.
  • The CD1.1 multiplexor/frame database, data-mux-cd11, release 2.0.0
    • This release implements a new IPC mechanism which allows servoing of data rates independently for different modules. Receivers can now receive as fast as we can synchronise data to disk; senders now have notifications (fast) and data transfer (slow) decoupled. This allows all modules to be as independent as possible yet ensures data are never lost, even when inbound data rates are potentially much faster than outbound.
    • This release also implements "generation counters", which are simply a more explicit way of ensuring that a relay station does not transmit duplicate old data when one (or more) array element is backfilling.
  • The pass-through CD1.1 receiver, data-in-cd11, release 2.0.0
    • Improve validation of inbound frames, to ensure we don't accept data on the TCP link that is later rejected by other parts of the system.
    • Implement a new IPC mechanism that allows the receiver to servo to the highest speed possible, ensuring that data are written to disk before it is acknowledged to the sender.
  • The CD1.1 subframe generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2cd11, release 1.4.0
    • Update to match new IPC scheme used by other modules. This is a much smaller change for this module, as the new semantics exactly match the way it was expected to work previously.
  • The Quick Seismic Characteristic Data transmitter, qscd-out, release 1.3.1
    • Add XML status output to QSCD sender
  • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.18
    • Update bundled firmware versions: CD24 to v.322 and DM24mk3 to 106b57s.
2014-04-14 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+457
This release provides the following changes:
  • The secure sockets layer library, OpenSSL, release 1.0.1g
    • Fix for the heartbleed vulnerability.
    • The private key and self-signed certificate that each machine generates for its webserver will be regenerated automatically after this upgrade.
  • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.23
    • Fix for services displaying as "restarting" on long-running systems.
    • Fix for systems configured to 10BASE-T with no duplex setting: these are now considered to be half duplex.
    • Regenerate the SSL key used by the webserver, in case the old key material was leaked due to the openssl heartbleed vulnerability. A new key and self-signed certificate will be generated on each machine.
    • Ignore remote NTP queries to avoid amplification attacks.
2014-02-12 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+435
This release provides the following user-visible changes:
  • General notes
    • Many programs linked against libevent have been recompiled to work with libev. This is a smaller and more robust library.
    • The flash-diagnostic tool, not used on the DCM-mk2x, was dropped from the filesystem.
  • A convenient front-end for minicom and picocom, openport, release 1.0.0
    • Initial release of new tool. Simply running “openport” will present a menu of serial ports; selecting one will open that port with minicom, automatically stopping and starting any service associated with it.
    • Allows the “minicom” and “picocom” wrappers to be replaced by simple aliases that work with all ports, not just on the EAM.
  • Common utility code, libgslutil, release 1.2.3
    • Add timestamp to log messages when logging to stderr/file.
    • Fix double reporting of hexdumps under /var/crash.
  • The miniseed record generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2miniseed, release 1.2.3
    • Properly check for errors if gdi2miniseed is not running.
    • Add time format to help message.
  • The SEEDlink server, seedlink-out, release 1.1.5
    • Make command strings and their arguments case insensitive, e.g.Info Streams
  • The pass-through CD1.1 receiver, data-in-cd11, release 1.3.0
    • Don’t bind to IPv6 interfaces, as CD1.1 doesn’t support IPv6.
    • Use new libev event library, in order to simplify code and event handling.
    • Add XML status support.
  • The CD1.1 sender, data-out-cd11, release 2.0.0
    • Rework of backfill handling, solved some potential issues when backfill had expired (i.e. tried to push data that was no longer available), increased startup speed, etc.
    • XML status support.
    • Add runtime manipulation of outstanding backfill. The program cd11-backfilldb-tool can be used on the command line and there is a new web interface.
    • Add true FIFO transmission mode.
    • Use libev rather than libevent for simpler code and event handling.
  • Common functionality for CD1.1 modules, libdata-cd11, release 1.4.0
    • Add support for more runtime operations (such as runtime backfill modification for data-out-cd11).
  • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.16
    • Fix potential crash in the dm24-terminal command line tool.
  • The GCF block generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2gcf, release 1.1.0
    • Convert to using libev to simplify code and event handling.
    • Expose mapping of channel names through XML status.
    • Changes to work with dual SEED- and GCF-style naming on the DAS.
  • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.21
    • Fix the minicom/picocom wrapper scripts so that they actually work as intended. See also the openport program.
    • Allow a device with multiple network interfaces to be statically configured with DNS server addresses and work as all interfaces are brought up/down.
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.34
    • Updates for new QSCD20 code.
    • Save description for CD1.1 services in config file for XML status and new web tools.
  • The Quick Seismic Characteristic Data transmitter, qscd-out, release 1.3.0
    • Add a location field.
    • Tidy up various parts of the code.
    • Add XML status and LCD output.
2013-11-19 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+372
This release provides the following user-visible changes:
  • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.15
    • Fix two bugs in the configuration web page:
      • properly check and report whether unified status is enabled on a CD24
      • fix a memory corruption bug (which could have led to corrupt or crashing display, but would not have affected the actual DM24 itself)
    • Build system and install fixes.
    • Fix stale process detection in libdm24terminal. It should no longer mark a terminal as stale if the owning process executable is moved or a symlink.
    • Fix potential symbol clashes in libdm24terminal.
    • Fix build issue in libdm24terminal.
  • Code to acquire data using Block Recovery Protocol over a serial link, gcf-in-brp, release 1.3.1
    • Fix “TCP lenient” mode. This is now always enabled in TCP mode and properly copes with TCP connection timeouts and resets.
  • The SEEDlink server, seedlink-out, release 1.1.3
    • Properly close down unistation dialup connections.
  • Tools for monitoring GDI data flow, gdi-monitor, release 1.1.7
    • Adds gdi-watch-text, a simple tool that dumps out human-readable text status packets as they are presented to gdi.
  • Code to link two (possibly remote) GDI multiplexors, with backfill, gdi-link, release 1.1.5
    • Add log message for incoming connections.
  • Configuration and status monitoring for NTP, ntp-wrapper, release 3.0.0
    • Drop ppswatchdog, as it is no longer required for correct 1PPS operation.
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.33
    • Drop unused “TCP lenient” option in gcf-in-brp network config.
  • Configuration save/restore functionality, config-backup, release 1.0.2
    • Don’t overwrite hostname if networking is not being restored.
  • Storage management system, Pt-storage, release 1.0.4
    • Adds Pt-storage-cycletest, a tool which does continuous short flushes to storage, waiting for it to power down between each flush. This allows testing for failures that might occur on a power cycle.
  • The library and tools for structured SoH representation, libxmlstatus, release 1.0.10
    • Fix a crash bug when removing list items with duplicate titles.
    • Rate limit error messages to the system log.
  • The Güralp Secure TCP Multiplexor, for advanced comms, gstm, release 1.4.1
    • Fix a problem where connections closed on the client side would not be closed on the server side (e.g. web pages would not seem to finish loading).
    • Fix a problem caused if the output queue was filled and the watchdog kicked in. The program would not previously recover from that case for a very long time (500 retries).
  • The acquisition program for CD24s in low-latency mode, cd24-lowlatency-in, release 1.1.3
    • Switched to use ntpshmgsl for new system timing methodology.
2013-09-30 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+337
This release provides the following user-visible changes:
  • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.18
    • Drop the unused “ppswatchdog” service altogether.
    • Show the correct help message for “svc” with no arguments.
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.31
    • Simplify and reorganise the Ethernet configuration page.
  • The configuration interface, config-base, release 2.0.12
    • Fix problems with long variables that might occur while e.g. scanning for a wireless access point when lots are in range.
  • Common utility code, libgslutil, release 1.2.2
    • Fix gpiolib implementation.
  • The library and tools for structured SoH representation, libxmlstatus, release 1.0.8
    • Disable some debug output to aid debugging other programs.
  • Code to display Quickstatus files on an attached LCD module, lcd-statuswatch, release 1.1.1
    • Avoid looping too quickly on an error when somebody deletes the log directory while we are running.
  • The I/O line power control daemon, ioline-pcd, release 1.2.2
    • Add a help message to ioline-pcd-on
2013-09-09 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+324
This release fixes a regression in release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+323


2013-09-09 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+323
This release contains contains the following user-visible changes:
  • Code to link two (possibly remote) GDI multiplexors, with backfill, gdi-link, release 1.1.3
    • Fixes an occasional “malformed message” warning in the receiver when a new transmitter starts up.
    • Ensure that connections whose TCP streams stall in the connection negotiation phase are timed out properly, and do not get stuck in limbo.
    • Solve problems with backfill that occured with TCP accelerators that buffer very large amounts of data. If the buffer on the sender wasn’t used then backfill never started. This situation is now correctly handled.
2013-05-23 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+322
This release contains contains the following user-visible changes:
  • A tool to inspect GCF log-files, gcflogview, release 1.1.2
    • Consistent CGI footer.
    • Add DAS digitiser type string.
  • Code to acquire data using Block Recovery Protocol over a serial link, gcf-in-brp, release 1.2.14
    • Try very, very hard to get the DM24 to respond to ACK/NAKs even if they are being delayed.
    • Fix the “bytes_in” status counter.
    • Fix startup error “Required field ‘application_description’ missing”.
  • The library for parsing GCF data, libdata-gcf, release 1.1.1
    • Add support for upcoming DAS digitiser type codes.
    • Add support for 800sps GCF.
  • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.13
    • Update bundled CD24 firmware version to v.319.
  • The GCF block generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2gcf, release 1.0.8
    • Add support for 800sps GCF.
  • Common GCF block acquisition functions, libgcf-in, release 1.2.5
    • Log DM24 output to syslog to provide an independent log when GCF recording is turned off. (The syslog output is always on).
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.28
    • For the network version of gcf-in-brp, fix startup error “Required field ‘application_description’ missing”.
  • Utilities used by configuration scripts, config-support, release 2.0.11
    • Fix problem with gdi2gcf startup when manually mapping channel names.
2013-03-21 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+306
This release contains contains the following user-visible changes:
  • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.12
    • Notify user if they exceed the 20-output limit of the DM24mk3.
    • CD24 bundled firmware bump to v.318 .
  • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.16
    • Fix some warning messages at bootup.
  • Güralp data interconnect, gdi, release 1.2.1
    • Fix problem with differential gain calculation.
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.26
    • Tidy up “Services” tabs.
  • The tertiary storage recording program, gdi-record2, release 1.0.6
    • Fix warning message every few hours when the system had never at all received a single sample of data.
2013-03-15 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+299
Platinum stable build 12516 contains the following user-visible changes:
  • The transmitter for Japanese data format WIN, win-out, release 2.0.0
    • A major re-write to bring the code quality in to line with the rest of Platinum.
    • A single sender can now send to multiple TCP clients and UDP destinations simultaneously (including IPv6 support).
    • Fix bugs with operation at low (<20sps aggregate) sample rates.
    • Fix bugs with TCP sender.
    • Fix bugs when there are gaps in the incoming digitised data.
    • Improved XML status output.
  • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.25
    • Fix VLAN creation.
    • New configuration page for the updated WIN sender.
    • Remove config link to broken msmodbus-in TCP service. Note this does not affect the serial port version which is working just fine and continues to be used.
  • Güralp data interconnect, gdi, release 1.2.0
    • Adds support for software gains and offsets, which may be applied on a per-channel basis. For now, this feature is only available by editing configuration files.
  • The CD1.1 subframe generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2cd11, release 1.2.0
    • XML status support.
    • New compression library with a simpler internal code structure. Adds support for 10s frames of 1sps data.
    • Improved handling of calib/calper. These values may now be automatically derived from system-provided calibration values in SI units (and are converted to e.g. nm/count as required). Supports automatic updating with software/hardware gain.
  • Common GCF block acquisition functions, libgcf-in, release 1.2.4
    • Support for new automatic gain parsing for calibration purposes.
  • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.15
    • Support for new calibration metadata model.
  • The SEEDlink server, seedlink-out, release 1.1.2
    • Improved handling if an error occurs at startup.
2013-03-09 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+289
This release contains one very small change: a fix for handling the MTU option from a DHCP server.
    2013-03-01 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+286
    The main purpose of this release is to introduce a new configuration save and restore program. An unused program (“routemaster”) has also been removed.To use the configuration save/restore feature, run the command:config-backup --help on the command line for full details. There is also a web interface for creating, restoring, downloading and uploading backup files. This may be accessed through the menu link Configuration → Save/Restore. Every hour, the system is scanned for configuration changes, and if any are found a new backup is created. Up to 50 automatic backups are kept by the system.

    This release contains the following changes:

    • Configuration save/restore functionality, config-backup, release 1.0.0
      • Initial release of a new configuration backup tool. On the command line, this may be driven with the command config-backup. This tool replaces the old “config-manage” tool, which has not been operating fully correctly for some time.
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.24
      • Drop config files for unused routemaster service.
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.13
      • Drop support for unused routemaster service.
      • Add support for new config-backup program. Includes automatic backups which are created after any system configuration is changed (runs every hour).
    2013-01-15 : CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+278
    This release contains the following changes:
    • A library for manipulating unified status (SOH) information, libdata-unified-status, release 1.1.1
      • Workaround for DM24mk3 bugs in unified status GPS output format.
    • The miniseed record generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2miniseed, release 1.2.1
      • Fix a potential crash bug.
    • The SEEDlink server, seedlink-out, release 1.1.1
      • Fix a potential crash bug.
    • Configuration and scripts for managing OpenSSH, openssh-wrapper, release 2.0.5
      • Very minor presentation improvements.
    • Code to display Quickstatus files on an attached LCD module, lcd-statuswatch, release 1.1.0
      Code to acquire data using Block Recovery Protocol over a serial link, gcf-in-brp, release 1.2.12
      Code to acquire data using Scream network protocol, gcf-in-scream, release 1.0.6
      Code to send data using Block Recovery Protocol over a serial link, gcf-out-brp, release 1.0.8
      The Scream network protocol sender, gcf-out-scream, release 1.1.6
      Configuration and status monitoring for NTP, ntp-wrapper, release 2.0.1
      The overall system status reporting module, system-status, release 1.2.0
      Güralp data interconnect, gdi, release 1.1.5
      The flash module diagnostic daemon, flash-diagnostic, release 1.0.6
      The Earthworm sender for gdi, gdi2ew, release 1.0.1
      The sender for USGS “RTD” protocol, rtd-out, release 1.1.1
      The transmitter for Japanese data format WIN, win-out, release 1.0.4
      The GCF block generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2gcf, release 1.0.7
      Common GCF block acquisition functions, libgcf-in, release 1.2.3

      • Major improvements to LCD output clarity (mostly by making the output more concise, and time limiting program output to show only important changes in status).
    2013-01-15 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+257
    This release contains the following changes:
    • Storage management system, Pt-storage, release 1.0.3
      • Add help message to the ‘rdisk’ compatibility script.
      • Add a new tool, Pt-storage-adduser, which allows easy creation of a Unix login for use with tools like scp, rsync and SFTP. It will automatically power up the storage on login and power it down on logout.
    • Code to output NMEA and PPS based on NTP status, ntp-to-nmea, release 1.3.0
      • No user visible changes, but removed some testing code.
    • A library for exchanging type, length, value messages, libmsgbus, release 2.0.13
      • Add a callback for output queue becoming empty. This piece of functionality allows proper servoing to match the link capacity when the local data producer is capable of outpacing the consumer (or the link to it).
    • The Güralp Secure TCP Multiplexor, for advanced comms, gstm, release 1.4.0
      • Rework link management code to allow for more effective servoing of fast data sources (like backfill, file uploads, etc.).
    2012-12-08 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+251
    This release contains the following changes:
    • The MiniSEED library from IRIS, libmseed
      • Upgrade to release 2.7
    • The miniseed record generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2miniseed, release 1.2.0
      • Minor improvements to status display (esp. on LCD).
      • Additional compression options supported (STEIM1 remains default):
      • STEIM2 (tested with libmseed, slinktool, PQL and ObsPy)
      • uncompressed 32-bit integers
    • The SEEDlink server, seedlink-out, release 1.1.0
      • Minor status display improvements (esp. on LCD).
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.22
      • Minor tidy-ups to gcf-out-brp config page.
      • Minor tidy-ups to gdi2miniseed config page.
      • Add options for STEIM2 compression to gdi2miniseed page.
    2012-11-02 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+243
    This release contains the following changes:
    • General:
      • Switched from mii-tool to ethtool. If you use mii-tool to test Ethernet link state, just run ethtool instead. (There is a reminder to do this if you use the old command).
      • Some compilation and library improvements which won’t have any user visible effects but which will help future development.
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.10
      • Remove deprecated mii-tool, switch to ethtool.
    • Code to link two (possibly remote) GDI multiplexors, with backfill, gdi-link, release 1.1.2
      • Improvements to status output (esp. for LCDs).
    • Utilities used by configuration scripts, config-support, release 2.0.10
      • Add new tool for checking filename templates in the gdi-record configuration page. Should stop accidental configuration of tokens from GCF being used in miniSEED filenames, etc.
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.21
      • Extra checking for gdi-record filename templates.
    • The tertiary storage recording program, gdi-record2, release 1.0.5
      • Protect against creating hidden files, and fix up any occurrences.
    2012-10-24 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+223
    The primary purpose of this release is to add support for the NSP-RMxx rackmount serial port expander peripheral, intended to be used with NAMs. User-visible changes are:
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.9
      • Add support for special storage devices, like those in the NSP-RMxx rackmount serial port expander.
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.20
      • Improved speed and order of serial port display.
    • Utilities used by configuration scripts, config-support, release 2.0.9
      • Add tool for fast, sorted output of serial port config.
    • Support for USB-to-serial converter integration, usbserial-support, release 1.1.0
      • Add to forget all registered USB converters.
      • Add support for NSP-RMxx rackmount serial port expanders.
    • Storage management system, Pt-storage, release 1.0.2
      • Simplify information displayed on LCD.
      • Support special storage devices such as that in the NSP-RMxx
      • rackmount storage expander.
    • The acquisition program for CD24s in low-latency mode, cd24-lowlatency-in, release 1.1.2
      • Increase I/O timeout to avoid false trip when CD24 synchronises to GPS.
    2012-10-10 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+214
    This release contains a single user-visible change:
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.8
      • Fix bugs in service monitor that were causing problems with GSTM on some DCM units.
    2012-10-01 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+213
    This release contains the following user-visible changes:
    • Simple network configuration scripts, console-config, release 1.0.0
      • Initial release with support for setting up wired ethernet port.
    • The tertiary storage recording program, gdi-record2, release 1.0.4
      • The %n and %l MiniSEED filename template arguments were inadvertently reversed. Fixed such that %n is now network name and %l is location field.
    2012-09-25 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+211
    This release contains the following user-visible changes:
    • General
      • update-libiso8601-leaptable: better logging.
    • Common utility code, libgslutil, release 1.2.1
      • Add convenience macros for dealing with C structures.
      • Add tools for manipulating gpiolib.
    • Utilities used by configuration scripts, config-support, release 2.0.8
      • Add tool for properly evaluating service dependencies.
    • Code to parse XML files produced by the xmlstatus tool, libxmlstatus-parser, release 1.0.3
      • Improve display of values with units in some cases.
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.7
      • Properly save custom IPv6 firewall rules when “/etc/init.d/firewall stop” is run.
      • Fix dependencies between all the various data services. Now services will depend on the correct instances where more than one instance was configured.
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.19
      • Fix some typos.
      • Fixes for service dependencies.
    2012-08-06 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+204
    This release contains the following user-visible changes:
    • The Güralp Secure TCP Multiplexor, for advanced comms, gstm, release 1.3.0
      • Several minor code fixes (particularly in error reporting) and simplifications.
      • Much improved XML status output detail for both client and server.
      • More robust watchdog.
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.18
      • Config template updates for gstm v1.3.0
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.6
      • Clean up GSTM server logs from versions prior to v1.3.0
    • The Spyrus card controller, spyrus-utils, release 2.1.1
      • Several bugfixes with resetting USB Spyrus cards at the right time in response to failure.
      • Bugfix: don’t try to rewrite internal config file on library failures. Simplification of internal config file handling generally.
      • Bugfix: remove incorrect “logic error” error message.
      • Bugfix: CSR generation was broken in release 11928; fixed again.
    2012-07-27 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+199
    This release contains the following user-visible changes:
    • The miniseed record generator for Platinum/GDI, gdi2miniseed, release 1.1.9
      • Fix error checking on extract_miniseed tool’s start/end times.
    • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.10
      • Many bug fixes for the automatic DM24 firmware upgrader.
    2012-06-27 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+194
    This release contains changes in two subsystems.
    • The acquisition program for CD24s in low-latency mode, cd24-lowlatency-in, release 1.1.0
      • Improve configuration download. The program is now more robust against various types of errors and will also cope properly with changing between sample rates without having to reboot.
      • Add a script to update the firmware while in low latency mode (
      • Make work even if the port service is not running.
    • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.9
      • Update to CD24 v315 firmware.
    2012-06-21 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+190
    This release contains just one change.
    • A tool to allow remote support over ssh links, Remote-assist, release 1.0.1
      • Minor bugfixes.
    2012-06-21 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+189
    This release updates OpenSSH to version 6.0p1 and includes multiple changes.
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.4
      • Significantly reduce the window during an upgrade where the filesystem is inconsistent. Now there should only be a few seconds (after rsync has finished deleting old files but before the post-upgrade scripts run) where losing power would cause a problem.
      • Fix bug where services would show as “restarting” if the system clock went backwards (e.g. after an NTP update).
      • Fix bug where a service could mistakenly be considered to have stopped, and a second copy was started.
      • Fix bugs with starting/stopping NTP and ntpstatus.
      • Squelch error message “"" is not true/false.” on upgrade.
      • Move NTP configuration file to /etc/ntp.conf.local in line with all other configuration files.
      • Minor improvements to PPP, mail and SSL configuration file handling.
    • The Scream network protocol sender, gcf-out-scream, release 1.1.5
      • Fix a crash that could occur when more than 16 unique digitiser IDs had been seen.
    • The tertiary storage recording program, gdi-record2, release 1.0.3
      • Don’t attempt to flush buffers to disk on a brand new unit that has not yet seen its first sample of data.
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.17
      • Minor improvements to file name entry.
      • Minor improvements to directory-cleaner page.
    • Configuration and status monitoring for NTP, ntp-wrapper, release 2.0.0
      • A rewritten NTP scanning subsystem which is much more sensitive to changes in NTP lock status. Now it will report that NTP is unlocked in some situations where is used to report a large difference instead.
      • Exposes some additional information about the clock source (NTP peer or GSL digitiser) via XML status.
      • Introduces a grace period of 30 minutes at system start where it will allow NTP time to lock on and synchronise the clock before highlighting an error state in XML status.
      • Also exposes the lock status in a machine-readable fashion for other programs on the system to use, so they are consistent with the status as reported by the scanner.
    • Code to output NMEA and PPS based on NTP status, ntp-to-nmea, release 1.2.0
      • Use new NTP status flags from the new NTP scanning subsystem.
      • Several internal code simplifications.
    • The library for administering users and groups, libptuadmin, release 1.0.11
      • Fix bugs with long usernames.
      • Fix bugs with users missing from /etc/passwd.
      • Other small internal code fixes.
    • The Morningstar modbus tools, msmodbus, release 1.0.3
      • Add msmodbus-dump tool.
    • A library for common Platinum daemon functionality, libgsldaemon, release 1.1.3
      • No user-visible changes.
    • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.8
      • Update bundled CD24 firmware release to v314.
      • Lots of bug fixes in internal code paths. May resolve a couple of issues where opening a terminal would cause a short data gap; should remove some incorrect error messages from the DM24 configuration web page.
    2012-05-03 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+165
    This build provides more control over power lines and better support for attached digitisers.
    • The I/O line power control daemon, ioline-pcd, release 1.2.1
      • New tool ‘ioline-pcd-on’ can be used to hold a power line on (e.g. the disk heater line) and integrates with other power line users (such as Pt-storage).
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.3
      • No user-visible changes.
    • Support programs for DM24/CD24 (BRP mode), dm24-support, release 1.1.7
      • Fix potential corruption in display under some conditions.
      • Correct causal filter tap display.
      • Fix firmware uploads with baud rates < 19200.
      • Fix firmware uploads with baud rates at 230400.
      • Fix firmware uploads where system code didn’t match DSP code.
      • Add support for new DM24 firmware naming scheme with a build letter.
      • Don’t try to configure 2000sps on a CD24, as it is not supported.
      • Fix configuration of some other sample rate combinations on CD24.
      • Fix for potential CD24 firmware upload issues.
      • Fix GPS port baud rate when upgrading DM24s. Note this would only affect GLONASS users; standard GPS always operates at 4800 baud regardless of this setting.
      • Update bundled DM24 firmware to 106b57d/DSP 1090.
    • Code to output NMEA and PPS based on NTP status, ntp-to-nmea, release 1.1.1
      • Fixes for potential serial port issues.
    • The acquisition program for CD24s in low-latency mode, cd24-lowlatency-in, release 1.0.3
      • Workaround for one- or two-sample gaps when at 500sps and inserting or removing USB devices.
    2012-04-12 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+157
    This release contains a number of technical changes with little or no user impact:
    • GCF audit log library/tools, libgcflog, release 1.1.1
      • Various internal code tidy-ups.
    • Library for manipulating unified status (SOH) information, libdata-unified-status, release 1.1.0
      • New status bit for mass centre operations (NB: not supported by DM24)
      • Bugfix where rapid GPS longitude changes would only propagate slowly
      • Add support for temperature, mass positions and inclinometers.
      • See also updated unified status specification SWA-RFC-UNIS.
    • Common utility code, libgslutil, release 1.2.0
      • Drop some unused functionality (forces ABI change).
      • Fix problem with serial ports sometimes being opened non-blocking when they should not have been; might have caused the odd strange error when e.g. upgrading CD24s. The majority of Platinum code uses non-blocking by default so the effects were very limited.
      • Add common code for writing logs to /var/crash.
    2012-04-14 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+80
    • CD1.1 multiplexor/frame database, data-mux-cd11, release 1.3.3
      • A system losing power at precisely the wrong point could end up with a frame that had duplicate sub-frames from another time-stamp. This has now been fixed.
    • Platinum basic system files, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.2
      • Fix a symlink vulnerability in /tmp.
    • Configuration scripts and templates, config-scripts, release 2.1.16
      • Drop some old configuration pages that aren’t used any more.
    • Library and tools for structured SoH representation, libxmlstatus, release 1.0.7
      • Internal code fix.
    • Configuration interface, config-base, release 2.0.11
      • Fixes for deleting table rows in the web configuration interface.
    2012-03-16 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+73
    This release contains a number of minor bug-fixes and improvements:
    • The digital input/ouput library, ioline, release 1.0.11:
      • Fixes a problem with the error handling in CGI script.
    • The status monitoring and reporting system, libxmlstatus-parser, release 1.0.2:
      • Developer-only changes.
    • The main status display, system-status release1.1.1:
      • No longer displays a reading (voltage, current, temperature) as “0″ if it’s actually missing.
    2012-03-16 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+68
    This release contains a number of minor bug-fixes and improvements:
    • The status subsystem, xmlstatus-assert, release 1.0.3:
      • Fixes a problem where the configuration file could become corrupted.
    • Platinum infrastructure support, Pt-baselayout, release 2.3.0:
      • Incorporates a tweak to update the XML status display of the version number immediately after an upgrade (but upgrades should always be followed by a reboot!).
      • Fixes a potential problem with gdi-link-rx missing a required config value after reflashing a system.
    • The gcf receiver, gcf-in-brp, release 1.2.11:
      • This change parallels that in the mainline release, but the DCM-mk2x does not support manual timing mode. The change was to correct operation when in manual timing mode. We no longer try to set the system clock in this case.
    • The digital input/ouput library, ioline, release 1.0.10:
      • Fixes a potential problem for non-root users.
      • Supports generic Linux “hwmon” layer.
    2012-02-20 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+62
    This release contains a single change:
    • The data recording subsystem, gdi-record2, release 1.0.2:
      • Now allows creation of deep directory trees when using rsync to record non-seismic data files.
    2012-02-16 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+59
    This release mainly affects support for connected digitisers.
    • The CD1.1 sender, data-out-cd11, release 1.4.4
      • A code re-work with no user-visible changes
    • The CD1.1 utility library, libdata-cd11, Release 1.3.0
      • A code re-work with no user-visible changes
    • The digitiser support library, dm24-support, release 1.1.6
      • Cope with change to TRASHFRAM format.
      • Fixes for setting 0 baud rate.
      • Tweak timing to try to avoid problems with medium- and high-latency links.
      • Don’t present the option to upgrade firmware on a DM24 connected via a network link; we will now only support serial port uploads. This is due to the difficulty of interacting with a system that is not running in BRP mode.
      • Update bundled CD24 and DM24 firmware versions to match those published on the web site.
      • Hide some settings not present on the (original) DM16.
    • MODBUS support, msmodbus, release 1.0.2
      • A code re-work with no user-visible changes
    2012-02-07 : release CMG-DCM-mk2x_stable-10934-DCM+51
    • The data recording subsystem, gdi-record2, release 1.0.1:
      • Fixed a bug where MiniSEED records were not correctly sorted in output files
    • The “reboot” web page, power.cgi, release 1.2.3:
      • Fix a race condition that caused reboot not to take effect sometimes.
    • Web-page support, Pt-baselayout, release 2.2.6
      • Fix for automated data downloads via CURL.
      • Voltages to be monitored by XML status may now be configured in /etc/system-statusd/default.local
    • The main status display, system-status, release 1.1.0
      • “Linux system” status tab now displays the system type and firmware release number.
      • For systems which have power sensors, the most important sensor readings are now also displayed on this tab.
    • The Control → Instruments web page, sensor-control, release 1.0.3
      • Improve label at top of CGI page.
    • Configuration support, config-scripts, release 2.1.15
      • Remove unused Expert button on timing config page.
    • MODBUS support, msmodbus, release 1.0.1
      • Expose the Logged Data feature.
    • The status monitoring and reporting system, libxmlstatus-parser, release 1.0.1
      • Don’t display units if reading starts with a ‘?’.
    • A hardware support infrastructure, ioline, release 1.0.9:
      • Build system updates
      • minor presentation improvements to the web interface
    • Earthworm support: gdi2ew, release 1.0.0
      • Initial public release.
      • This provides direct Earthworm output from Platinum to a running Earthworm instance (using ew_import or ew_import_ack).
    • The miniseed compressor: gdi2miniseed, release 1.1.8
      • Fix file-name of extract_miniseed.cgi when using comma-separated dates.
    • Digitiser support dm24-support, release 1.1.5
      • Updated digitiser config web page to support new features in DM24mk3 as well as some minor bugfixes to sample rate display.
    • Configuration screen handling: config-base, release 2.0.10
      • Fix a crash when displaying an empty list.
    • Guralp Data Interconnect: gdi, release 1.1.3
      • Improved metadata support (will be used by new triggering subsystem).
      • More efficient API and behaviour for certain data processing modules.
    2012-01-07 : release 10934
    This release updates the leap second table to include the recently announced June 30th, 2012 leap second. Leap seconds cannot be computed in advance so it is necessary to signal the declaration of new leap seconds to running applications. Platinum includes a leap second table which lists all known leap seconds; this table has to be updated when a new leap second is declared.There are two ways that a customer can get the updated table. Platinum systems with a permanent internet connection will check every week for updates to the table and will automatically download any that they find. The check occurs at 02:17 UTC each Saturday morning and the HTTP protocol is used to download the updates. Platinum systems without a permanent internet connection will acquire the updated table when their firmware is updated; this is the first firmware release where the leap second table includes the 2012 leap second.It is possible to tell whether the table has been successfully updated by running the command:
    ls -l /usr/share/libiso8601/leap-seconds
    The output will look like this:
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 108 Feb 26 2011 /usr/share/libiso8601/leap-seconds

    The size of the file is given in the 5th field of the output. If the size is 108 bytes (as in the example), it is the old (pre-2012-06-30) version. If it is 112 bytes, it is the new version.

    2011-12-11 : release 10931
    This release adds support for the new, rack-mounted EAM-R and the rack-mounted CD24R8. Changes have been made to:
    • Pt-baselayout:
      • Support added for the EAM-R
      • Minor bug fixes: disk flush buttons and storage daemon permissions
    • xmlstatus-assert:
      • Fixed parsing of “enabled” value in configuration file
    • The I2C support library, ioline-gsli2c:
      • Added a drive for the PCA9593 I/O expander
    • The GCF BRP receiver, gcf-in-brp:
      • This now correctly identifies disconnected devices.
    • A new tool-kit for supporting the use of USB-to-serial converters, usbserial-support:
      • A script,, allows a permanent USB-to-serial cable installation.
      • A new program, tty_map_tool, aids mapping of physical ports to USB serial numbers for multi-port NAMs.
      • A new program, run-cd24r8, automatically detects and runs CD24R8 digitisers with a USB-to-serial converter.
    2011-12-01 : release 10896
    This release contains a single bug-fix for the BRP receiver, gcf-in-brp:
    • The “bytes received” counter now resets to zero when no data are being received
    2011-11-30 : release 10891
    This release contains some minor improvements and bug-fixes:
    • The GCF input library, lib-gcf-in
      • Some additional guards again invalid or unexpected input have been added.
    • The GCF compressor, gdi2gcf
      • A fix has been applied which prevents a potential crash when dealing with status blocks over 1000 bytes in length.
      • A fix has been applied which correctly encodes CD24 digitiser types in the GCF block header.
    2011-11-16 : release 10879
    This release fixes a potential crash in gdi-link-rx when new clients are in the process of connecting. This seems to only have occurred on the NAM-mk2.
      2011-11-16 : release 10874
      This release contains a fix for a race condition, observed on the NAM-mk2, where sometimes, at bootup, a service would only listen on either IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, but not both. This occurred because the service was started before any address was configured on the physical network interface, and the support library’s behaviour was to check for configured addresses before activating results for an address family. This check has now been removed.
        2011-11-1 : release 10869
        This release contains a number of major new features.
        • new hardware platform: NAM-mk2
        • a new, improved storage and recording subsystem
          • full and consistent NFS and ext4 support across all platforms (DCM can’t format ext4 natively though as e2fsprogs doesn’t fit)
          • much improved user feedback, esp. wrt errors
          • improved performance
          • correctly merges, sorts and removes duplicate records in GCF/miniSEED
        • native Earthworm sender (gdi2ew)
        • first part of framework for graphical LCD module support


        • The C++ standard library has been added to all platforms except the DCM-mk2x in anticipation of upcoming features.
        • libgcfout 1.0.11
          • Additions to allow polled use by gdi-record2.
          • Don’t keep an open file descriptor for the ring buffer.
        • libminiseed-out 1.1.7
          • Allow operation of time-based record retrieval on 32-bit systems with ring buffers larger than 1GB.
          • Additions for polled mode used by gdi-record2.
          • Fixed a bug in the filter-by-name channel filter code.
        • Pt-storage 1.0.0
          • Initial release.
          • Revamped storage controller with a focus on:
            • improved feedback when an action cannot be undertaken
            • true NFS support
            • ext4 support
            • improved power control for USB sticks
        • Pt-storage.cgi 1.0.0
          • Initial release.
          • Provides equivalent functionality to old storage CGI program.
        • gdi-record2 1.0.0
          • A revamped recording program, with a focus on:
            • improved user feedback
            • faster operation
            • sorts and removes duplicate blocks in output files
        • Pt-baselayout 2.2.0
          • NAM-mk2 hardware support
          • Simplified iptables/firewall support
          • Many fixes to service monitor and control
          • Bugfixes for TCP-to-serial converter support
          • New recording and storage subsystem
        • eam-test-lcd 1.1.1
          • Add support for another (graphical) LCD variant
        • lcd-graph 0.1.0
          • Initial release with only basic feature set.
          • Shows basic text status on graphical LCD module.
        • config-scripts 2.1.13
          • Updates for new storage and recording subsystem
          • Improvements for gdi2ew configuration
        • libgsldaemon 1.1.2
          • Minor bugfixes to improve error detection and handling in the service monitor.
        • gdi2ew 0.0.0
          • Preview release.
        2011-11-02 : release 10569
        This release contains a preview of the new Earthworm support service, gdi2ew, although this is still “beta” software. Several other minor changes are included.
        • gdi2ew: New feature: a native Earthworm output module. Can be used with an Earthworm ‘import’ or ‘import_ack’ instance.
        • Configuration scripts:
          • Added configuration scripts for new gdi2ew service.
          • Fixed a typographical error in gdi2miniseed configuration
        • Platinum base:
          • Fixed operation of tcpserial and msmodbus serial port functions.
          • Ongoing resolution of problems with starting/stopping services manually.
        2011-11-02 : release 10557
        Improvements to calibration support, tested with DM24mk3 106b55r, CD24 v312 and DM24mk2 v.098[024]:
        • Improve error checking in calibration/mass control functions.
        • Fix inconsistency between ‘Z’, ‘N’, ‘N/S’, ‘E’, ‘E/W’ naming of components in calibration (adc-command now accepts all 5 variants).
        2011-10-27 : release 10553
        Improvements to DM24 support:
        • Bugfix: don’t display non-existent 8th channel on DM24mk3
        • Bugfix: don’t display non-existent “Data In” port settings on CD24
        • Add support for multiplexed, rack-mount and 4-channel CD24
        • Improve usability of sample rate drop-down menus when changing
        • Bugfix: ignore STA/LTA params if not enabled
        • Bugfix: trailing 0s no longer added to system ID when changing on CD24
        • Add support for enabling unified status packets on CD24
        • Improve baud rate suggestions
        • Add support for DM24 causal filtering
        • Bugfix: don’t display variable gain settings when not fitted under some circumstances.
        • Various improvements to the automatic firmware upgrader to take into account the rules, notes and warnings associated with the CD24 and the DM24 upgrade procedures (all published on the website).
        2011-10-17 : release 10549
        Additional gyrocompass support: The XMLRPC responder now correctly enumerates all the sensors and the configuration system behaves more naturally.
          2011-10-14 : release 10542
          This release contains an updated digital gyro driver for the KVH DSP1500 model gyrocompass.
            2011-09-22 : release 10539
            Release 10535 exposed a bug in a library which resulted in problems with WiFi configuration and usage. This release fixes the problem. If you were affected by this, please contact for details of a quick solution.
              2011-09-16 : release 10535
              This release adds both an in-browser interface to the digitiser command line and the ability to switch Wi-Fi on and off (for power saving). It makes the miniSEED output compatible with some buggy receivers and includes many other minor, mostly technical changes.
              • A utility library: libgslutil:
                • Add MD5 implementation.
                • Improved support for dual IPv4/IPv6 servers.
                • Added support for reading /etc/machine-id.
                • Correctly report when saving a configuration file failed.
              • The Scream network sender: gcf-out-scream:
                • Add support for joining a well-known multicast group ( and ff18:1567::1567 UDP port 1567) for service discovery.
                • Add scream-mcast-discover tool, for debug/diagnostics (might be helpful for live support).
                • Add support for new GCFIDNT command.
                • Correctly work in dual IPv4/IPv6 settings, regardless of the setting of
              • The SEEDlink network sender: seedlink-out:
                • Some minor bugfixes.
                • IPv6 support.
              • The digitiser support library: dm24-support:
                • Small bug fixes in the CGI configuration page for some corner cases.
                • Add a JavaScript based in-browser FORTH terminal client.
              • A library: libptuadmin:
                • Improve error detection and handling.
              • The configuration system toolkit: config-support:
                • Remove unused utilities gsl_ipcalc (use ipcalc instead) and xml_reader
                • Add gcs_truefalse to fortify scripts against using “true” and “1″ instead of the strangely capitalised “True”
              • The Platinum toolkit: Pt-baselayout:
                • Tighten user permissions for DM24 configuration.
                • Improve diagnostic error reporting in various modules.
                • EAM WiFi power-down support.
                • Support /etc/machine-id.
                • Fix race condition when stopping a service.
              • A cross-browser, client-side JavaScript library: jQuery:
                • Upstream version bump to 1.6.4
                • Addition of XMLRPC helper routines
              • The miniSEED compressor: gdi2miniseed:
                • Workaround for bugs in old releases of 3rd party readers which assume blockette 1000 always occurs at byte offset 48.
              • The configuration script toolkit: config-scripts:
                • Fixes for WiFi configuration, including option to configure interface as powered off.
                • Removal of hardcoded “True”/”False” spelling.
              • A library: libpexec:
                • Initial release.
              • Core linux commands: busybox:
                • Bump to upstream 1.18.5.
              • The miniSEED transmitter: seedlink-out:
                • IPv6 support.
              • The disk-space management tool: directory-cleaner:
                • Support ≥2GiB on 32-bit systems (primarily for NAM).
              2011-08-03 : release 10477
              • Critical bug-fix: rdisk had a race condition. Particularly prevalent on DCM-mk2x
                hardware, would sometimes cause the disk not to be powered up when
                required. This is fixed.
              2011-07-29 : release 10473
              • Bug-fix: gdi-record was over-zealous about error handling. Some obviously non-recoverable errors
                triggered an infinite loop of re-tries. Such errors are now handled gracefully.
              2011-07-28 : release 10469
                This release contains a large number of improvements, as detailed below:

              • GCF serial receiver: gcf-in-brp
                • Feature: an instrument that stops transmitting data is now highlighted in the status display.
                • Feature: terminal events are now logged to /var/log/messages.
                • Bug-fix: Stream IDs which, when encoded, contained a certain character could cause an
                  unwanted terminal session to be started. This is now detected and avoided.
              • Internal message handling: libmsgbus
                • Enhancement: improved output buffer for queued messages
                • Bug-fix: when writing data faster than they could be consumed,
                  there was potential for corruption; This is now fixed.
              • CD1.1 multiplexor: data-mux-cd11
                • Enhancement: provide a flow control mechanism to inhibit enthusiatic data sources.
                • Enhancement: improved behaviour of CD1.1 relay streams with high in-bound data
                  floes and low output bandwidth.
              • CD1.1 receiver: data-in-cd11
                • Enhancement: subframe presence tracking support.
                • Enhancement: a flow control mechanism to prevent overloading the multiplexor.
                • Enhancement: simplified ACK/NACK processing.
              • GDI to CD1.1 converter: gdi2cd11
                • Updated the handle the new libdata-cd11 source client API.
              • CD1.1 transmitter: gcf-in-brp
                • Feature: Simplified outbound ACK/NACK frames.
                • Enhancement: Improved diagnostic logging for situations that cause a module restart.
                • Bug-fix: Simplified and corrected generation of outbound ACK/NACK frames (which
                  indicate to a receiver which frames we still have available).
                • Enhancement: Further improvements to ACK/NACK handling: Processing of incoming frames is no
                  longer deferred, even if backfill is in progress, and an extra field
                  to keep track of which frames have been sent in the current TCP
                  session was added to avoid duplicates.
              • CD1.1 library functions: libdata-cd11
                • Feature: subframe presence tracking. This is useful for seeing how
                  subframes propagate through the software modules, and is more generally
                  applicable as a way to look for data gaps.
                • Enhancement: a feedback path between the multiplexor and source clients may
                  optionally be employed. This helps data-in-cd11 to extend the feedback path
                  back over the TCP link to the sender.
                • Bug-fix: Corrected corrupt channel names in CD1.1 subframe presence tracking.
                • Enhancement: Added a mechanism to improve data flow behaviour when under very high load.
              • CD1.1 utility functions: data-cd11-misc
                • Feature: Added a subframe presence viewer.
                • Enhancement: Improved much of the CD1.1-related HTML code.
              • GDI link protocol: gdi-link
                • Bug-fix: Scream client terminal passthrough.
                • Enhancement: Added a more consistent scheme for recording port names, remote hostnames.
                  In particular the remote host/port are now displayed correctly in the
                  web menu for instrument control.
                • Enhancement: This is the first release which uses/fully supports negotiating optional features
                  on the link.
              • GCF scream tranmsmitter: gcf-out-scream
                • Enhancement: Remote site relaying port/terminal naming updates.
                • Enhancement: Meaningful port names are now switched on by default (requires Scream 4.5 or later for terminal).
              • GCF scream receiver: gcf-in-scream
                • Enhancement: Tidied up DM24 terminal naming.
              • MiniSEED compressor: gdi2miniseed
                • Enhancement: Added improvements to the “Extract miniseed records” tool, including support for
                  non-512-byte record sizes.
              • MiniSEED tranmsmitter: libminiseed-out
                • Enhancement: made changes to support the “Extract miniseed records” tool.
              • Platinum: Pt-baselayout
                • Bug-fix: corrected an issue with “upgrade –force-factory-settings” on recent EAMs.
                • Feature: added support for KVH DSP1500 digital gyro serial port option.
                • Enhancement: added supporting functions for better removable disk hardware interaction
                  on EAMs.
                • Bug-fix: Fixed a bug where “crontab -e” complained about missing editor.
              • Configuration scripts: config-scripts
                • Feature: added support for configuration of KVH DSP1500 digital gyro.
                • Enhancement: removed 256-byte and 8KiB options for MiniSEED frames.
                • Bug-fix: postgres setup on a new system.
                • Bug-fix: outbound email configuration.
                • Bug-fix: msmodbus-in TCP service script.
                • Bug-fix: routemaster software.
              • CD24 low latency support: cd24-lowlatency-in
                • Bug-fix: stepping of RTC to match data when difference > 4 hours.
              • DM24 digitiser interface: dm24-support
                • Bug-fix: we are now more conservative about printing “insufficient baud rate” warnings.
                • Enhancement: added improvements for naming of remote instruments connected via gcf-in-scream or gdi-link-rx.
                • Enhancements: various changes to the configuration CGI:
                  • support new GLONASS+GPS receivers.
                  • updates for changes to DM24mk3 compression, STA/LTA and strong motion command implementation.
                  • support for low latency auxiliary (mux) channels and different sample rates (DM24mk3 only).
                  • bugfixes for coping with inconsistent configuration CMOS settings.
                  • improve presentation of the auxiliary (mux) channel settings and deprecated transmission modes.
                • Enhancement: added the latest CD24 and DM24 firmware.
                • Bug-fix: the CD24 firmware uploader now works correctly.
              • Hardware support: ioline-pcd
                • Bug-fix: added support for ordering I/O line operations (e.g. switch on 5V power before switching on USB power).
              • GCF audit logging: libgcflog
                • Feature: Added logging of terminal events.
              • Configuration interface: config-base
                • Bug-fix: various changed to gconfig, the text-mode configuration tool. In particular, table row add/delete now works correctly.
              • Data recording: gdi-record
                • Enhancement: Interacts with hardware more robustly, ensuring there is sufficient time for the disk to power down after a failure, etc.
                • Enhancement: Improved logging and status output which should make it much clearer when failures have occurred and why. XML status should now be much better at highlighting any failure.
                • Bug-fix: Fixed a bug where, under certain circumstances, a failed flush was not retried later.
              • Storage device handling: rdisk
                • Enhancement: More robust power sequencing for EAMs should improve reliability of USB sticks.
                • Bug-fix: The disk is no longer accessed after power off.
                • Enhancement: Improved error logging when formatting fails. In particular it now highlights when the disk is in use by another program and cannot be formatted, which was frequently being reported as a hardware fault.
              2011-06-13 : release 10313
              • Feature: The flash module status is now displayed on the front page if a flash module is fitted but has not been configured.
              • Bug-fix: The BRP receiver now correctly highlights errors when an instrument stops transmitting, along with some other minor improvements to the semantics.
              2011-06-03 : release 10302
              • Bug-fix: Commands such as minicom PortA now don’t print an error message on start-up (the previous fix didn’t correctly cover all circumstances).
              2011-06-01 : release 10286
              • Bug-fix: gdi-record should no longer create empty “dircopy” directories on the disk
              • Bug-fix: Commands such as minicom PortA now don’t print an error message on start-up
              • Bug-fix: directory-cleaner configuration page errors now let you resolve them rather than just displaying an error message.
              • One or two terminology changes concerning sensors/instruments
              2011-05-27 : release 10254
              • Minor cosmetic changes only.
              2011-05-26 : release 10250
                This release provides a new sensor control framework, designed to ease the implementation of many current and future sensor control facilities. The main user-visible changes are listed below:

              • New menu category: “Control → Sensors”.
              • Menu “Configuration → System” changed to “Configuration → Sensors”.
              • A new, prototype sensor control screen.
              • A new (but currently non-functional) menu item: “Tools → Sensors → FORTH terminal access”.
              2011-05-25 : release 10246
              • Bug-fix: The cd24-lowlatency-in service now ensures that mass position commands and offset-null commands work by forcing the CD24 sensor-type to 3.
              2011-05-24 : release 10183
              • Bug-fix: The XHTML MIME-type list now supports the preview of the digital compass subsystem.
              • Bug-fix: Configuring specific media-types for the Ethernet interface now works correctly. If you have been affected by this bug, you should perform the upgrade, then run the command
                rm /etc/init.local/net_eth0

                and then reboot the system.

              2011-05-23 : release 10179
              • Feature: The gcf-out-brp service now uses the XML Status infrastructure.
              • Feature: A new option now allows you to record system log files to disk.
              • Feature: A new tool, cd24fw, allows upgrading of firmware on attached CD24 digitisers.
              • Feature: This release contains a preview of a new digital compass / orientation sensor subsystem. There is no configuration or recording of time-series data yet. Note: this feature is not supported on legacy DCM platforms.
              • Bug-fix: The dircopy feature no longer creates empty directories on removable storage devices.
              • Bug-fix: The --restore-defaults option to the upgrade tool now works correctly on EAMs.
              • Bug-fix: The syslog subsystem can now be restarted properly.
              • Bug-fix: EAM serial ports now stay powered up when a program is accessing them. This might lead to increased power consumption if ports are configured but not in use, but decreased power consumption if ports have been configured to None and were previously powered up. This resolves issues where DM24s had undetected framing errors during terminal access and where CD24s went to sleep if a terminal was left open.
              2011-05-11 : release 10117
              • A new feature can raise an external hardware alert if monitored status parameters drop below configurable thresholds.
              • Fixes a bug which would trigger undesirable behaviour in some subsystems if an EAM booted with an invalid date (pre-1970) in the real-time clock. The date is now forced to 1/1/1970 under these circumstances.
              2011-05-11 : release 10083
              • Fixes a bug in the “linux system” status display which incorrectly reported the statistics (size, free-space etc) of root partitions larger than 2GiB.
              2011-04-26 : release 10071
              • Fixes a display issue under IE where IE would not correctly split up config pages into their sections.
              • Adds u3-tool (EAM, NAM and NAM64 only) for repairing Sandisk Cruzers which have the U3 firmware “feature” where Win32 has inadvertantly activated it and destroyed the data.
              2011-04-26 : release 10064
              • Fixes some issues with the SeedLINK XML info packet creator. Tested with IRIS slinktool and slinktool from seiscomp-2.6 and seiscomp-3.0.
              2011-04-20 : release 10060
              • Fixes a bug which marked a newly-changed password as expired when the date is 1st Jan, 1970 (which will be the case for a freshly booted DCM with no GPS fix).
              2011-04-18 : release 10056
                This release contains fixes for bugs in subsystems that have not yet been formally released:

              • cd24-lowlatency-in: fixed a “midnight rollover” bug, which was due to the integral discontinuity of GCF date/time at midnight;
              • cd24-lowlatency-in: fixed a bug where the service wouldn’t start unless a TCP copy service name had been configured (this is now optional);
              • libiir: version bump; upstream version has improved initial conditions for IIR filters based on analysis of filter (fixes numerical instability in computation of IJMA for gdi-eventproc-ijma)
              2011-04-08 : release 10048
              • New feature: XML status assert daemon. A GPIO line can now be asserted when a system SoH parameter value falls below a configured threshold.
              • New feature: Support for low-latency mode of CD24 digitisers. The CD24 digitiser has been provided with a new, low-latency mode which required an special, low-latency protocol in order to transmit data without the delays associated with the packetisation of GCF. The EAM can now receive data from the CD24 using this protocol.
              • Fixed a bug where the configuration page for the GSTM server could occasionally be only partially displayed in the web interface.
              2011-03-31 : release 10008
              • Fixed a bug where formatting a disk would lead to only 2.0Gbyte being available. Simply upgrade and reformat any affected disk, or format the disk on another machine. Also applies to USB sticks (internal or external).
              • GCF TTL and DM type fields are now a hidden field in XML status.
              2011-03-22 : release 10000
              • Compiler update for EAM. GSL have upgraded the C compiler and system libraries used on the EAM. This results in almost every file needing to be replaced. Because this process is sensitive to being interrupted partway through, we recommend it is not carried out on deployed units, and instead is only carried out when units are brought in for servicing or when a backup unit can be deployed immediately.Details of the upgrade procedure can be found here.
              • New feature: multi-user support. The next version of Platinum brings a major change: support for multiple users. Each user has a distinct password and level of access. A user with only basic access may only be able to view the status of various parts of the system, whereas an advanced user may be given rights to control or configure certain components. New user IDs can be created and modified through the configuration system where their access levels can also be set. For users familiar with Linux, this is implemented using true Unix users and groups, so it also brings system-wide security. Please note this feature required fundamental changes to various parts of the Platinum operating system and there may still be situations where a user cannot accomplish something they should have been able to: please contact in such cases for a speedy resolution.
              • New feature: XML status subsystem. An advanced state-of-health reporting system has been added to this release of Platinum. A newly-designed front page now shows the status of the GPS, hard disk, sensors and virtually every software component on the system in a simple grid arrangement, which will instantly highlight any problems on the unit. Viewing this status does not require authentication, which removes a step from the process of checking system operation. This information can also be retrieved as an XML file (perhaps using the XMLRPC interface) for machine processing. ISTI have developed a forthcoming iPhone/iPad app for viewing this status, and Seisnetwatch integration is planned.
              • Units with optional extra flash modules now have information about the flash module on the front page. All units programmed since April 2011 will now have a marker in their EEPROM if a flash module was present on the original sales order, which will allow instant identification of units where the flash is malfunctioning or not fitted.
              • Some XMLRPC controls have been added for automation. At present XML status can be retrieved and sensor control (mass lock, unlock etc.) is supported, as well as initiating a flush to disk. Much more will be added in future. Contact Guralp support for more information.
              • When using an EAM to transmit GCF data through a serial port, it is now possible to use Scream to configure any DM24 instrument connected to the EAM. This has always been possible when using the network protocol, but has not been possible until now when using the serial protocol (BRP).This feature does have the limitation that data are not buffered while the instrument terminal is open.Please note that when using an EAM, Guralp Systems recommends the use of IP networking over serial data transmission if at all possible. This can be achieved over a serial line connection using PPP; please contact support for details. The web interface also allows control and configuration of attached DM24 and CD24 digitisers.
              • A new, more robust mechanism of controlling sensors (lock, unlock, centre and calibrate) has been added. This has been extensively tested with the DM24mk2.
              • A new sensor control page has been added which attempts to determine from the DM24/CD24 which options it should display. There is an autodetect feature and a manual override.
              • Results of long sensor commands (e.g. DEPLOY) now automatically scroll.
              • The last few terminal sessions to DM24 are logged for debugging failures; use the dump-serial-log program on files in /var/log/libterminal to view the logs (or send those files to ).
              • Improvements to the web interface presentation and usability have been made in several areas (especially the configuration pages).
              • A traditional cron daemon (vixie-cron) has been added.
              • Outbound email configuration now works correctly. Remember to run newaliases if you update the alias file by hand.
              • The gcf-out-scream Scream server now tries very hard to keep the same COMxx number for Scream4.4/Windows compatibility. COMxx numbers should no longer change whenever the Scream server is restarted.
              • Compression of SOH information from DM24mk3s was improved, should lead to less noise (and less bandwidth) in the gdi-link/gsms-out protocols.
              • data-mux-cd11: a bug where deferred data (e.g. from a faulty DM24mk3) was not transmitted on to the sender under certain circumstances was resolved
              • Fixed a bug where the friendly service name of gdi-base was not used while configuring gdi2gcf with a channel map.
              • Fixed a bug in the WIN sender configuration script’s UDP mode (it was not allowing the form to be submitted).
              • Temperature sensors should be more reliable. However a large number of units were shipped without the temperature sensor chip.
              • Fixed a bug where overvoltage settings in ioline were not saved.
              • Resolved a longstanding bug where NTP status would stop being updated after some weeks, with Malformed or unexpected reply messages in the system log.
              • serial-recorder now copes with recording from a GPS unit (control lines were previously confusing it).
              • Upgrade now always correctly reports old and new release numbers.
              • The upgrade option on the web page no longer reports success on failure.
              • New Unix apps: base64, iostat, last, pmap, traceroute6, who, xz.
              • Platinum code now copes with previously-unknown non-time-series blocks from the DM24mk3, such as TS (trigger summary), which are passed through verbatim.
              • Fixed a bug where the digitiser configuration page would say “Load complete” even if loading failed.
              • Bugfix in the configuration pages when deleting a table row with a checkbox.
              • VLAN configuration is improved and previously-configured VLANs can now be deleted through the web interface.
              • Significant improvements to starting, stopping and restarting services have been made.
              • GSMS sender will now cope with dynamic notification of leap seconds..
              • Configuration of 230400 baud on DM24mk3 units that support it is now available through the web interface
              • Improved behaviour of the system when a service failed to start correctly. This should improve the behaviour of the service control commands as well as reducing the scope for getting the system into a state where it does not boot.
              • Improved the wording of the NTP configuration page.
              2010-11-08 : release 3796
              • Fixed an “off-by-one” in data-in-cd11, so now this code is consistent with the code in data-out-cd11, the AFTAC receiver and the standard (but not the CTBTO software);
              • The CD1.1 subsystems now use extra information in the heartbeat frames from the sender to mark any unavailable frames as unavailable in the receiver, to stop the receiver gap list from building indefinitely (e.g. in the face of a bug like the above).
              • Some TCP changes have been made which may help with an intermittant problem where the BRP sender could lock up.
              2010-09-06 : release 3772
              • This release corrects a second problem with the CD1.1 sender channel filtering.
              2010-08-25 : release 3768
              • This release fixes a bug in the data-out-cd11 configuration which affected the channel filtering.
              2010-08-23 : release 3764
              • This release fixes a problem with the data-terminal command’s menu-driven mode, which was broken in the last release; It would always say “No terminal selected”.
              • New versions of the terminal command functions have been introduced in order to support the DEPLOY command on the latest OBS systems. Command usage and results should not change.
              2010-08-20 : release 3756
              • This release adds support for conventional /etc/rc.local and /etc/rc.local.d processing.
              2010-08-20 : release 3751
              • This release contains a single change to the OBS section of the instrument control page. The time-out associated with the DEPLOY command has been increased to 25 minutes.
              2010-08-13 : release 3748
              • This release contains a single change to the CD1.1 sender which fixes interoperability issues for a specific customer.
              2010-08-09 : release 3744
              • Added an option to allow a GCF input process to set the system clock whenever it sees a 00 status block from an attached DM24. This option is enabled by Configuration → Serial → Port? → GCF input → Advanced → GCF timing. It is off by default, as it is only intended for coarse timing with a Mark 2 DM24. DM24mk3 and CD24 digitisers produce more accurate timing information, embedded in the RTStatus packets.
              2010-07-21 : release 3719
              • The time-out value of the OBS DEPLOY command has been increased because a new DM24 firmware build requires the terminal to be kept open for longer.
              2010-07-19 : release 3699
              • Further improvements to the support for LCDs on EAMs.
              2010-07-16 : release 3696
              • Adds preliminary support for external Liquid Crystal Displays (EAMs only).
              • Adds DM24 state-of-health information to LCD displays, including those on 5TDs. If Unified Status blocks are enabled, real-time GPS, clock and data-quality flag information is displayed; if not, the DM24 status blocks are displayed verbatim.
              • The RTD sender, implemented for a specific customer, has been removed from the distributed firmware as that customer no longer has a requirement for it.
              • Additional improvements have been made to the upgrade script to correctly handle symlink problems when upgrading DCMs. Note: DCM users should install this upgrade twice, once to install the new upgrade script and once to execute it.
              2010-07-15 : release 3670
              • A new upgrade script handles a problem involving undeletable symlinks when upgrading DCMs. Note: This upgrade should be installed twice: once to install the new upgrade script and once to execute it, although this is only necessary on DCMs.
              • Fixes a problem that could cause incorrectly displayed dates in the back-fill database of the CD1.1 sender.
              • Various other CD1.1 resilience improvements.
              2010-07-12 : release 3641
              • Fixes a problem affecting interoperation with one particular CD1.1 receiver.
              2010-06-25 : release 3628
              • Fixes a problem that could stop CD1.1 calibration values from being applied.
              2010-06-23 : release 3624
              • GCF handling improvements:
                • All GCF packets with zero sample-rates (other than *01 and *SM) are now treated as text and passed through accordingly. Previously, unrecognised zero sample-rate packets were rejected. This supports the newly added *TS streams and provides future-proofing for any other new text streams.
                • The digitiser type, FIR filter tap-table look-up and variable gain settings are now passed as meta-data to GDI. The GCF compressor, gdi2gcf has been modified to read these data from GDI and reconstitute them in out-going GCF packets.
                • GCF now correctly handles the situation where a segment end requires three GCF blocks to be generated (one at 8-bit, one at 16-bit, and one at 32-bit compression).
              • CD1.1 sender changes: A non-standard receiver was encountered that required more laxity in validity checking and a longer connection time-out. Configurable options to handle this situation have been provided: these can be enabled and adjusted from the “expert mode” screen of the CD1.1 sender configuration dialogue.
              2010-06-22 : release 3559
              • The CD1.1 transmitter, data-out-cd11, now has a configurable transmit queue size. This used to be fixed at 128k but the new default is 512k. This has improved performance when backfilling an array over a VSAT link.
              • The time-and-date library, libiso8601, now correctly handles invalid times in the system clock, preventing some display and logfile corruption on DCMs between booting and first synchronising.
              2010-06-07 : release 3551
              • Added a script to set ad-hoc mode on a wireless network adapter and configure the associated link layer. Designed for use with specific customer software only and not intended for operational use. For more details, please contact .
              2010-05-27 : release 3547
              • This release contains the latest DM24Mk3 firmware image (in the /usr/share/firmware/CMG-DM24mk3 directory). There are no changes to the Platinum firmware itself.
              2010-05-26 : release 3543
              • The seedlink server (seedlink-out) is now tolerant of arbitrary whitespace in received command strings. This allows interoperability with Anthony Lomax’s SeisGram2K software.
              • The configuration screen for the RTD server (rtd-out) produced an inappropriate error message when no sender had previously been configured. This has been fixed.
              2010-05-21 : release 3535
              • Added support for the USGS RTD protocol over IP or serial links.
              • Added a serial port recorder: Any serial port can now be configured to record to a file all data received over the port. Individual lines in the file are time-stamped.
              • Improved accuracy of voltage monitoring.
              • All digitiser configuration changes now cause a re-boot of the digitiser module so that the changes take effect immediately.
              • The DHCP client now behaves better when operating in a relayed network.
              • Fixed a bug in the Spyrus support whereby generating a new keypair in an unused slot changed the active slot.
              • Fixed a few bugs in the digitiser configuration page related to tap settings, triggering settings and short IDs. Added checks for invalid configurations which could cause the digitiser module to continuously reboot.
              2010-05-11 : release 3488
              • Improves debug logging and fixes a bug in the CD1.1 sender which affected systems with multiple senders: one sender reconnecting could halt the other.
              2010-05-10 : release 3480
              • Fixes a bug in the CD1.1 sender whereby if the first reconnect attempt after a valid connection ended failed, the reconnect timer was not rearmed. This is now resolved.
              2010-04-30 : release 3476
              • The pppd-watchdog service’s process termination and reboot triggering are now switcheable separately (for applications using this service to monitor things other than pppd).
              2010-04-29 : release 3455
              • Added cURL and libcurl. The cURL program performs file-transfers using a wide variety of protocols, including HTTP, FTP, SFTP, TFTP and more. The libcurl library provides the same facilities for platinum modules.
              • Some CD1.1 updates announced for release 3420 were not actually included in that release: this release remedies that.
              2010-04-27 : release 3420
              • CD1.1 “aux status” information is now 8-bit rather than 10-bit, and can now be displayed in the multiplexor subframe viewer.
              • CD1.1 sender no longer resolves IPv6 addresses (the protocol is strictly IPv4 at present).
              • The CD1.1 multiplexor subframe viewer now highlights fields that have caused attention bits to be set (e.g. GPS, timing).
              • Improved Spyrus behaviour when re-initialising the card while it is in use (and various Spyrus tidy-ups).
              • We no longer associate to unsecured wireless access points when we already have an access point configured, just not available
              • Authentication key ID in outgoing CD1.1 data frames now changes as expected when cd11-management-tool is used to change it at runtime.
              2010-04-1 : release 3360
              • Changed behaviour of wireless networking: The system will not now automaticall bind to an insecure network when no recognised networks are available.
              2010-03-31 : release 3314
              • Improved DHCP client: dhcpcd-5.2.1 brings many robustness improvements. This fixes the longstanding issue where booting a DCM/EAM without the network cable plugged in would lead to never getting a DHCP assigned address. It also adds resolv.conf and default route metric support for better behaviour on units with wired and wireless networks active simultaneously.
              • Change gdi-link-tx to using hourly files for backfill: A minor tweak, this allows the size of the backfill directories used by gdi-link-tx to be controlled in a more fine-grained manner, allowing the use of gdi-link-tx backfill on units with smaller amounts of flash (e.g. DCMs).
              • Robustness and configuration improvements for GSTM server: GSTM server now uses a flat configuration file rather than XML, making it much easier to manipulate by script (or by hand). Along with this, additional logging, debugging and watchdog features have been added.
              2010-03-24 : release 3271
              • rdisk and gdi-record now support flushing to disk from an external button (e.g. on 3EX with integrated EAM)
              • Improved status reporting from rdisk (it now reports flush failures and also reports status information to an attached LCD).
              • Basic SoH information is now transmitted in MiniSEED headers.
              • Improved implementation of INFO command in the SEEDlink server.
              • Bug fix: calibration commands with frequencies expressed in seconds now work reliably. An error which ocurred when a calibration command was issued while a calibration was already in progress has been fixed.
              • Fixed a problem which could cause display corruption when veiwing GCF logs.
              2010-02-15 : release 3170
              • 3170 is the first release with EAM LCD support, in anticipation of LCDs being fitted to EAMs. The NAM/NAM64 LCD support has been rewritten to use the same framework developed for EAMs.
              • Python 2.5.1 has been removed from the NAM/NAM64 build as it is no longer required by current modules. Python 3 could be provided if requested.
              2010-02-08 : release 3143
              • Recording to disk: the configuration page now allows the user to choose a destination when there are multiple options (e.g. “record to internal USB disk in tray” or “record to external USB device”).
              • Improvements to seedlink XML info output.
              2010-01-10 : release 3063
              • Fix for setting up gcf-out-brp (GCF out) on a serial port for the first time under recent Platinum (would complain about missing “gcfout_dbdir” or “brp_dbdir” config entries in the log).
              • Initial modem dial-in support (mgetty).
              • Improved DM24 terminal support.
              • Support for newer DM24mk3 bootloader and firmware, including (infoblock retrieval).
              • Improved envirolog graph plotting CGI.
              • Fix for pushing to network broadcast address in Scream server.
              • Improved extract_miniseed and seedlink. New features added. Many of the seedlink INFO commands should work now, as should time window extraction.
              2010-01-05 : release 3020
              • Fix crash caused by custom DM24 compression settings
              2009-12-11 : release 3016
              • This fixes a bug in the gdi2cd11 configuration file handling which caused the location part of a manually mapped channel name to be ignored.
              2009-12-09 : release 3012
              • Addition of a commandline tool adc-command that can be used to send calibration/mass control commands to attached ADC modules.
              2009-12-07 : release 3008
              • Improvement to the CD1.1 converter (gdi2cd11) configuration template: Configuration of the channel description fields is now fully supported.
              2009-12-04 : release 2882
              • Fixed a bug whereby one of our packages (libev) interfered with another (libevent), causing gdi-base to lock up.
              2009-12-02 : release 2819
              • Heirarchical navigation bars have been added at the top of each CGI page.
              • Some Javascript to scroll to previous location when changing sample rates on DM24 config page
              • Added summary of Baud rates on serial port configuration page
              • Added “favicon” added to web interface.
              • Improved robustness of NMEA input code.
              • Improved interface when deleting items from network interface configuration (IP aliases, static routes, wireless network definitions, directory cleaner entries)
              • nmea-out replaced by ntp-to-nmea. This is pretty transparent as config is unchanged. New option: threshold for max acceptable μs drift from NTP.
              • libsysevents removed in favour of syslog. “System events” link gone from front page.
              • Spyrus config menu entry only displayed if spyrus present.
              • Improved user interface on environmental log plotter.

              For more information, first contact your local distributor or email .