Guralp Systems Limited
MAN-AFT-0001 - Güralp Affinity - User's Guide
Section Index: 2.1 Applications 2.2 Key features

Chapter 2. Introduction

Thank-you for purchasing a Güralp Affinity.

The Affinity, a digitiser with combined storage and communications module, is a flexible and expandable tool for connecting analogue and digital instruments to your network.

Inside the robust, waterproof, stainless steel casing is a 31-bit, high-fidelity digitiser with state-of-the-art timing precision and enhanced acquisition module capability. Designed for data quality and durability, the Güralp Affinity is a stable and robust Linux-powered unit with on-board storage and networking facilities.

Built for challenging environments, the Güralp Affinity is suitable for post-hole and bore-hole deployment or can be wall-mounted for vault applications. The Güralp Affinity can be fully controlled and accessed via a web interface suitable for both expert and non-expert field staff.

2.1 Applications

2.2 Key features