Guralp Systems Limited
MAN-AFT-0001 - Güralp Affinity - User's Guide

Chapter 3. The Affinity documentation

The Affinity documentation comes in two parts: this document and the Platinum manual.

The Güralp Affinity runs the Platinum operating system, which is common to many Güralp data acquisition modules, including the EAM, the NAM and the legacy DCM. Platinum provides rich web and command-line interfaces to configure, control and monitor all data storage, protocol conversion, and communications functions. These features of the Affinity are all described in the Platinum manual, MAN-EAM-0003, which is available from the Güralp website in both PDF and HTML form.

This document, MAN-AFT-0001, partially duplicates the “getting started” section of the Platinum manual and then provides details of the features which are unique to the Affinity, including configuration and operation of the built in ADCs, the PTP timing mode and the connector pin-outs.

It is strongly recommended that this document is read in conjunction with the Platinum manual.