Guralp Systems Limited
MAN-AFT-0001 - Güralp Affinity - User's Guide

Chapter 9. ADC Calibration

The ADC of each Güralp Affinity is calibrated at the factory. All measurements made are traceable to national standards and conform to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The calibration values are stored on the system and used to automatically scale every channel to an input sensitivity (bit-weight) of 1µV per count.

Note: This does not apply to data which are digitised externally – e.g. from a connected DM24 or CD24 digitiser.

Because of this, it is not necessary for the data consumer to re-scale the data - or even to be aware of the factory calibration results.

If desired, a calibration certificate can be generated and downloaded. To do this, select:

Tools → Calibration certificate

and click the button in the resulting page. This uses your browser's standard download facility to deliver a document in Open Document Text (.odt) format. Such documents can be read by Libre Office Writer, Microsoft Word and many other applications.