Discovery software for Minimus, Certimus, Fortimus and Radian

Download Discovery software for use with Minimus and Minimus+ digitisers, Certimus, Fortimus and Radian instruments. View release notes for Discovery…

Discovery is our software platform compatible with the Minimus and Minimus+ digitisers, the Radian Posthole and Borehole surface interface units, the Aquarius OBS, the new Certimus and the Fortimus accelerometer.

Discovery dramatically simplifies instrument and data management with a suite of powerful tools operated via a web interface.

  • Instruments IP addresses can be identified via a head-office or Cloud registry, eliminating the need for static IP addresses
  • Fully interactive waveform viewer
  • Data analysis for hardware State-of-Health (SoH)
  • Data streaming control
  • Integrated Common Alert Protocol (CAP) transmitter - display a map of triggered events
  • Quick access to locally recorded data saved to the devices SD card with capability to backfill any gaps in GDI streamed data
  • Perform advanced analysis on waveform data, including plotting power spectral density graphs (PSDs), spectrograms, discrete Fourier transforms (DFTs), and histogram displays
  • GNSS location
  • Instrument response and calibration values
  • Access to instrument RESP files
  • Facility to remotely upgrade the digitisers’ firmware and upload configuration to multiple units simultaneously
  • Calibration of the Radian magnetometer
  • Available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems
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