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MAN-FOR-0002 - Güralp Fortimus - Technical Manual

Chapter 8. GüVü app

The GüVü app provides monitoring and control of near-by Fortimus digital accelerometer using the Bluetooth protocol. It is available for both Android and Apple devices.

GüVü can be downloaded from the Google Play store at:

or from the Apple store at:

8.1 Getting stated

To launch GüVü, follow the steps shown in the figure below:

Steps for launching the GüVü App:

The instrument connection screen can also be accessed by pressing the menu icon
) on the main instrument status window, and selecting the “Connect” option.

If you experience problems connecting, try forcing GüVü to quit and then re-launching the app.

Once the device is connected, the main view of the app will be displayed. This screen displays a number of status indicators associated with both the digitiser and accelerometer. These features are summarised in the figure below:

Access the menu by pressing the menu icon () on the main instrument status window:

8.2 View settings

The user can customise the view of the main instrument status window. Four different view options can be cycled through by tapping the menu icon () on the main instrument status window:

8.3 Instrument control

Several features of the Fortimus can be controlled and configured remotely over Bluetooth using GüVü:

In each case, GüVü will report whether the selected command has been successfully sent to the device.

Note: After any modification to channels' sampling rates, the Fortimus must be rebooted before the changes will take effect.

These options can be accessed by tapping the menu icon () and choosing the "Device control" option. To access the instrument control and configuration sub-menu, a PIN code has to be entered by selecting the text entry box and tapping .

The default PIN code used to access the Instrument Control menu is "0000".

Caution: Güralp recommends changing the PIN code from the default, as described in the following section, in order to maintain station security.

8.3.1 Setting the PIN code

The PIN code for accessing the instrument control menu of GüVü can be changed from the "Setup" menu of Güralp Discovery. The new four-digit PIN code should be entered into the "Bluetooth PIN" field. The new value is applied by keying ENTER(); or clicking the left mouse button in any other setting box.

8.4 Emailing a deployment report

The GüVü app has a feature that allows the user to generate an automatic deployment report that can then be filed via email.

The deployment report includes the following details:

To send a deployment report, tap the menu icon () and choose the "Deployment report" option. GüVü will then open the default email application on the device, showing a draft email which will include the parameters described above.