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MAN-SWA-0001 Issue M - Scream User's Guide
Section Index: 14.1  Installing new extensions 14.2 Running extensions

Chapter 14.  Extending Scream!

Scream! is a data communication, visualisation and recording tool. It is not intended for performing detailed analysis on the data received. However, extensions are available for Scream! which can carry out calculations on seismic data. These extensions can be stand-alone programs, or scripts written in MATLAB®. Some sample extension scripts are supplied in the Scream! program distribution.

14.1  Installing new extensions

There are two files that can reference a program extension; screamglobal.ini and scream.ini. The first is located in the installation directory of Scream, and will affect all instances of Scream! that run on the computer. The second is the normal configuration file for each instance of Scream, and so can be customised on a case-by-case basis. The following steps can apply to either file, but you only need to modify one.

To install a program extension:

To install a MATLAB® extension:

When an extension is launched, Scream! first saves the selected data to a file named samplesn.txt in the standard temporary directory (using the WIndows TEMP environment variable, or /tmp under Linux). A second file, scrhdr.txt, is saved at the same time, which directs the script to the location of the data. The script or program is expected to fetch the data from this file. If you have problems, make sure that Scream! has the right permissions to create these files, and that your temporary space is not full.

14.2 Running extensions

To export data to a Scream! extension:

The standard Scream! Package (depending on installer) includes a number of useful extensions: